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Clean Harvest Nutrients Best Practice Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Follow these steps:

  • Dampen a paper towel with clean water.
  • Add seeds in a row on ½ side of the moistened paper towel.
  • Fold towel over seeds.
  • Once completed, store out of direct sunlight. On top of your fridge is a great place.
  • On Day 2, spray seeds with a light mist of CHN, and plant in soil or container. 

For the first two weeks, apply light a mist to leaves, stem and root base, two times per week. Apply every 7-10 days thereafter. 

Early morning and evenings are best. It’s typical to do foliar spray when temperatures are under 80ºF if possible. “Warmer temperatures can help with absorption.” Do not want to spray during high mid-afternoon sunlight.  

Yes, when you originally plant or transplant, spray the soil around your seed or plant. When the seeds germinate, spray the base of your plant. CHN will naturally absorb into the soil. No other soil spray is necessary.  

Ionized means when electrically neutral atoms or molecules are converted to electrically charged atoms or molecules. Plants typically have a negative charge. Applying an ionized solution supports and enhances plants’ absorption of the nutrients and more efficient uptake of existing nutrients in the soil.  

Sulfates are salts from sulfuric acid. (For example, Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.) 

Sulfur is naturally found in the soil and helps lower soil pH. Just like any supplement or fertilizer, too much can be harmful. Clean Harvest Nutrients has less than .003%. That’s just enough to support optimal plant health.  

Clean Harvest Nutrients is very effective for vegetables, herbs, potted plants, shrubs, fruit trees, flowers, succulents and hemp. 

The only plants that Clean Harvest Nutrients doesn’t seem to agree with are roses. All of your other plants, trees and flowers will love receiving the nutrients.   

Yes, absolutely. Transplanting is a great time to use Clean Harvest Nutrients.

  • Apply Clean Harvest Nutrients to root mass with light a mist just prior to planting.
  • Apply a light mist to the soil or planting hole just prior to planting.
  • Backfill soil around roots.
  • Apply a light mist on leaves, stem and top of soil.
  • Continue with ongoing applications throughout the growing season, applying a light mist every 7-10 days to leaves, stems and root base. 

Absolutely. We have had great success with hemp, increasing the quantity of buds and flowers by up to 40%. When plants are healthy, they are less susceptible to pests, and we have seen this reflected as a large reduction of mites.  

Don’t want to brag too much, but Clean Harvest Nutrients has been successfully tested globally in some of the harshest soil, weather and climate growing conditions.  

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