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 Sustainable Living is power.  

Growing your own food is freedom and power. And that’s what we do best.  

When you grow your own food, you lessen your dependence on industrial agricultural practices and inclement weather. This includes alleviating the potentially dangerous chemicals in your food, who is handling your food and how it’s processed.  

It’s time to take back your power and provide your family with clean and sustainable food. 

This is especially important right now: 

Grocery prices have gone up overall almost 3%.  

 Beef and pork have gone up almost 4% and poultry almost 5% in 2020.  

 The US Gov’t projects prices will continue to increase between 3% and 4% this year alone. 

The pressures of climate change, disruptions in the food supply chain and demand, food insecurity on families is at an all-time high globally. You have also seen the grocery store shelves empty. Food prices are rising. With the pandemic, more of us are preparing food at home, creating a much bigger demand for groceries in general.  

You have seen the news stories with people desperately lined-up at food banks. Research shows 50 million Americans alone will suffer from food insecurity (not have enough to eat) in 2021.    


terry duperonTerry Duperon, CEO of the Good Fat Company and Clean Harvest Nutrients knows this all too well. Prior to that, Terry spent many years working for non-profit organizations in the inner city of Detroit witnessing 1st hand the impact of food insecurity.  

Today, and for more than 10 years, our companies have been clean food advocates, producing innovative and planet-friendly, sustainable food.  

Terry developed Clean Harvest Nutrients in particular, to educate and empower you to grow your own plants and food. Our mission is to minimize our cultural dependence on industrial farm practices 

Clean Harvest Nutrients is committed to providing non-toxic products including our own ionized zinc micronutrient on our Healthier Garden Website. Clean Harvest Nutrients functions as a powerful plant fertilizer and boost for your flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Plants love Clean Harvest Nutrients, just like people, plants want to thrive. It’s boost helps bring back dying plants to life. 

It naturally functions as a potent soil amendment through your plants root system. The physiological relationship between Clean Harvest Nutrients and your plants is it helps your plants efficiently add nutrients to your soil, feed the good bugs for a health biosphere and efficiently retrieve nutrients from the soil. 

It enhances the production of chlorophyll, which impacts photosynthesis providing your plants with the natural sugar it needs for energy to thrive. 

We have some exquisite and helpful benefits: 

  • Shorter growing season.
  • Improved chlorophyll production which enhances photosynthesis. 
  • Minimizes the need for other fertilizers or pesticides. 
  • Production of cleaner, healthier fruits, vegetables and herbs. 
  • Growth of beautiful flower gardens indoor and outdoor. 
  • Indoor and Outdoor non-toxic formulation that you can feel safe with.  


You can do this and We will help you with on-going educational information and input from ourselves and other experts. Clean Harvest Nutrients is committed to providing non-toxic products including our own ionized plant food and zinc micronutrient on our Healthier Garden Website. 

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