Every Gardener Wants a Healthy Garden

Every gardener wants a healthy garden. But how do we get there? What makes a garden healthier?  Let’s start with a look at the big picture.

The Big Picture

Modern agriculture was based on the idea that plant growth results from a handful of soil minerals added to soil, adjusted to the right pH. Correct these variables with fertilizers, add sunshine and water, kill any pests or competing plants with chemicals (never mind what else they kill), and voila! You have a crop.

However, more recent discoveries in the fields of soil and plant biology tell a different story. Healthy plants draw their mineral needs from the soil with the help of symbiotic relationships with an incredibly complex community of soil microbes. 

Protecting and enhancing the vitality of these relationships is the new approach, and it’s starting to catch on for one big reason: it works.

Healthier Gardens

The healthy way forward is to reintroduce soil microbes and any missing mineral nutrients to ensure that both soil life and plant life have what they need to thrive. 

For starters, this usually means adding well-made compost, which inoculates the soil with a healthy mix of microbes. It’s a lot like what a probiotic does for humans, and it gives a nutritional boost to plants and microbes alike. 

In most soils, growing healthier gardens also means adding some minerals that both plants and microbes need to create a thriving community. That’s where Clean Harvest Nutrients comes in.

Healthier Gardens have Better Nutrition and Tastier Bounties

Clean Harvest natural supplements contain ionized micronutrients with positive and negative charges that affect the energy of your plants and soil. This positive and negative charge balance naturally boosts the production of chlorophyll, which enhances photosynthesis. As the chlorophyll content increases, it helps the plant convert water and carbon dioxide to natural glucose, or plant sugar. This sugar converts into energy, which in turn feeds the soil life and supports further plant growth, making plants, trees, herbs, vegetables and flowers healthier.

An energetic plant yields more fruit, deeper roots, faster growth and better tasting produce.

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