Micronutrients: a Micro Intro

Hey There, Healthy Garden Growers!


The idea that unites the Clean Harvest Nutrients community is the understanding that healthy plants make healthy food for healthy people. But what exactly are “micronutrients,” and how do they fit into the picture?


As science advances, the role of micronutrients in biology is becoming clearer. This includes plants, animal life and humans too. We’re all running on an operating system that might be called “DNA v1.0.”


Turns out that minerals, including many you may never see listed on the back of your daily multivitamin bottle, play a vital role in this operating system. Ensuring that plants can access these minerals gives them the strength needed to grow, fight off pests and disease, and successfully complete their life cycles. Along the way, plants use sunlight, soil, water and air to make the nutrients that keep us healthy, too.


That’s the basic science behind Clean Harvest Nutrients as part of an overall growing strategy that builds healthy plants and soil.


Strengthening our plants with targeted, easily accessible micronutrients helps give them they vitality needed to seek out a broad range of other minerals by reaching into the soil and working in concert with their soil microbe allies.


Bottom line: Feed your plants and they’ll feed you.

Happy Gardening!

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