The Joy of Sustainable Living and Non-Violent Communication

What does Sustainability and Non-Violent Communication Have to Do With Each Other?

 A lot.

“Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition from Mediocre Minds” Albert Einstein  

Harsh and non-supportive communication can come from others in our circle who do not share the vision you see and know for yourself and the way you want to live your life.

Unfortunately, often, it is much more persistent and invasive from our own minds, belief systems and thought patterns/habits.

The impact of these internal dialogues can leave you feeling down, with a deep void or access to your highest energy and motivation. I can also leave us feeling closed off and shut down with the sense of being a victim, helpless and hopeless to make a shift.

Good news is that everything is impermanent. These thoughts shift on their own when you bring an attitude of permission while granting your thoughts space through receiving and listening with kindness and curiosity.

Sadly, trying to push them away, or drown them out with overusing positive affirmations is it’s own form of self-rejection.  

Endeavor to be as kind as possible without blaming yourself or others, even if you are angry, broken hearted or even disgusted.

A few actions you can take to gently welcome your thoughts.


The smallest action(s) makes the biggest difference, leaving you with deeper joy and sense of connection. The other bonus is you will find yourself simply feeling more sane and in a better space to be able to make wise decisions.

Looking forward to sharing new insights I am learning from a course I am taking with the BioNutrient Food Association on regenerative farming and gardening.

To Your Exquisite and Joyful Life


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