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Carbon Neutral Order

Carbon Neutral Order

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Donation for offsetting the carbon footprint of your order.
Donation for offsetting the carbon footprint of your order.

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Grew my cilantro better than I could have ever imagined. It was dying, but I applied the spray and it completely revived it and grew it, in 2 days!

Bryan K.

The money plant immediately responded very well to the spray, and has grown incredibly quickly once it started getting the nutrients.

John C.

Very excited to add these nutrients to my garden, which is always in need of natural, chemical-free nourishment. I highly recommend, you'll be amazed and very well taken care of :).

Lynn A-J.

Grew an oregano plant for my expirement. It grew almost 2 inches in 2 weeks--almost unheard of from an oregano plant. I called in a horticulture specialist and needless to say she was amazed too. The team definitely loves the nutrients!

Michigan State University

I love this product!!! At first I was skeptical because I’ve used many different gardening
products before. I was thoroughly impressed! My veggies were bigger and brighter than they had ever been and my plants were strong and healthy! Regardless if you are a natural or lack a green thumb, I’d Highly recommend Healthier Garden!

Rachel D.

I suspected that the spray would help the plants only a little, but after one day of use they were thriving! I've never seen plants look so happy :-).

Courtney K.

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